The Right-Sized Rug
with Brian Paquette

For award-winning interior designer Brian Paquette, the success of a rug in a room is about choosing the “right-sized” rug. And that means customization down to the inch. Watch the film to hear more about Paquette's design approach.

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“The right-sized rug optimizes the function of a room.”

Brian Paquette, Interior Designer

“It's not one size fits all. You approach every room and rug differently.”

Brian Paquette, Interior Designer

“A custom-size rug can completely transform a space.”

Brian Paquette, Interior Designer

“The right-sized rug optimizes the function of a room.”

Brian Paquette, Interior Designer

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Define the “right size”

“You want all of the furniture on the rug, so when you're experiencing the rug, with your shoes on or off, it's immediately comfortable.”

Consider a quieter aesthetic

Brian recommends deciding on the rug's impact: whether it should be the star of the show or play more of a supporting role.

Always see a sample

“It's the nuances ... of texture and quality and thickness. Seeing samples in person is simply paramount to the design process.”

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About Brian Paquette Interiors

Founded in 2009, Brian Paquette Interiors provides full-service high end interior design. The Seattle interior design team works through a close, collaborative process, creating homes that reflect our clients' identity, history and aspirations. While also being functional and comfortable.With a background in painting and conceptual art, Brian Paquette brings a singular point of view to the Seattle and greater west coast interior design scene. Rather than following a particular style, he draws inspiration from a variety of sources: architecture, travel, and the natural world, to name a few.For Brian, interior design is not something sterile or static; it's a living extension of art, meant to be touched, used and admired.
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