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Rug care

Once you fall in love with just the right rug, we want that relationship to last for the long run. To keep your rug looking like new, you'll want to give it proper attention and maintenance. Caring for your custom-sized rug is vital for maintaining its beauty. Our guide provides tips and tricks for how to take care of your rug on a regular basis at home. In addition, we provide preventative care, cleaning ideas and what to do in the inevitable case of a stain. Learn how to keep your rug looking clean and new for as long as possible.

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Care & maintenance


Remember to rotate your rug periodically. This helps with the impact of traffic and sunlight. Routinely rotating will ensure your rug wears evenly, and it's one of the easiest ways to clean a large area rug.


The most important rug maintenance procedure is vacuuming dry soil regularly. Your rugs will love frequent vacuuming, but how often should you clean your area rug? Vacuum twice a week, especially in high-traffic areas. Go back and forth in the same area for a minimum of four slow passes. Don't wait for the vacuum cleaner dust bag to reach full capacity. Change out the dust bag when it's about half full, as this will help your vacuum achieve the most powerful suction.

A suction-only canister vacuum is best to prevent excess pilling, fuzzing and pulls. However, if this type is not available, set the vacuum so that the brush is furthest away from the surface of the carpet. For cut pile wool products, a dual motor vacuum with brush rolls is suggested. For loop pile wool products, a suction-only vacuum is required, and a canister type vacuum may work best. If you're interested in a high standard of cleaning, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is certified through the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval/Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Program. Visit www.carpet-rug.org for details and listings.

Professionally Clean

Every so often you may feel like your area rug needs a deep clean. Take it to a professional cleaner as needed to restore it back to its original glory. Do not apply stain repellent treatments that contain silicone because they tend to accelerate carpet soiling.

Don't Let Stains Sit

It's vital to treat stains immediately so that they don't become harder problems to solve. For suggested steps on how to remove common stains, refer to our stain treatment tips.

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Stain treatment

Spills and accidents are bound to happen, but not to worry - treating stains is easier than you might think. The first thing to do for a stain is scoop up any solids. Scrape it up with a spoon, always working from the outside of the spot toward the center. Immediately blot (don't rub) spills with white paper towels or with a clean, absorbent cloth.

Liquid spills act as a magnet to any dirt particles that are in the rug, causing the dirt to rise to the surface. This dirt may cause a dark stain. Again, immediately blot the spot with a clean, absorbent white cloth or paper towel. It's always important not to rub. Rubbing can work the liquid deeper into the fibers, making the spill more likely to stain the carpet.

Apply your preferred cleaning agent to an absorbent towel and begin to sop up the spill with a blotting motion (first, ensure you've tested the cleaning agent for color fastness on an inconspicuous corner of your rug or sample). Flip the cloth to prevent reapplying soil.

As you're cleaning, avoid oversaturating your rug with water. Work inwards from the edge of the spot to prevent excess spreading. Wait a few minutes for the cleaning agent to work on the spot. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Once the cleaning agent has removed the spot, blot excessive moisture by applying pressure with paper towels or a dry absorbent cloth. Rinse with clear water on a clean cloth. Remove excess moisture by applying pressure with a sponge or paper towels.

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Care tips

  • If your rug keeps curling up, a quick tip may help flatten the corners: take ice cubes and let them melt in the area overnight. This will also work if you need to flatten dents in the rug. After, lightly blot with a sponge or towel to remove moisture.
  • Change the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems regularly. Poor air flow results in the collection of dust around the home.
  • A lint roller is handy for quick cleaning or to capture those last remaining crumbs, hairs and particles. If your rug is looking a little flat, try this trick. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and water. Mist over the rug. Let absorb and then run a spoon sideways along the carpet. This will loosen and add loft to the fibers.
Closeup of Montag Rug

Proper maintenance leads to longevity

Caring for and maintaining your rug in the short run will pay off in the future. Your beautiful, custom-sized rug will last longer and continue to be the highlight of your decor. If you're looking to invest in a new dream rug, start exploring our assortment now.