We believe that

great design is

in the details.

The pairing of a painting and a chair. The way the light streams through curtains on a sunny day. The right rug-to-room ratio to ground the whole of it.

For too long, rugs have only come standard. 5x8. 8x10. 9x12. We force fit our floor plans and create rug islands that hold nothing but our coffee tables. Yet one-of-a-kind style requires one-of-a-kind sizing. The right rug transforms a room.

Ernesta crafts designer quality, custom-sized rugs to elevate your space. To empower you. Our curated collection features gorgeous materials and colors. Our to-the-inch sizing gives you just the right fit, so you can luxuriate in your expertly created room.

Small details. Big rugs. Elevated design.

We’re here to bring your home to life.