Designer of the week: Alex Yeske

Alex Yeske on antiques, one-of-a-kind projects and British Influences

Why do you love interior design?
I love helping to shape spaces that people make memories in. Homes are meant to be lived in and truly can be both beautiful and functional.

Describe your style in 3 words:
Thoughtful, curated and timeless. We aim to create warm and timeless spaces that reflect our clients and their lifestyles. Every space is carefully considered and designed with our clients in mind so each project is truly one of a kind. Our work shows our unique approach of mixing antiques and contemporary pieces paired with layers of highly curated textiles.

The Eleanor in Alex Yeske's home

Where do you find inspiration?
Travel, old design books, textiles.

Name a current trend that you love:
I don't pay a lot of attention to trends, but I love that antiques are becoming more "trendy". They're a staple of our design aesthetic and it's great to see clients appreciating them more and more. A lot of people are scared of antiques because they think of them as really high end or delicate, but in actuality they’re so easy to live with because they already have a well-worn patina.

“Homes are meant to be lived in and truly can be both beautiful and functional. ”

“Homes are meant to be lived in and truly can be both beautiful and functional. ”

What's a trick of the trade that you live by?
Have multiple light sources in a space at varying heights—pendant, table lamps, sconces, etc.

Share your approach to custom-sizing rugs for a space. What factors do you consider to ensure a tailored fit and aesthetic harmony?

When possible I like to custom-size a rug to a room. It gives an added layer of detail that you can't achieve with a standard size rug. I like to think about the furniture placement and traffic flow before deciding the size of the rug. Typically, you want all four legs of furniture to be on the rug, or at least half of them. I usually size my custom rugs anywhere from 8-12” off the walls, depending on the room and flooring.

Alex Yeske's Los Angeles bedroom

What is your idea of great design?
A great design is one filled with little details that carry your eye around the space and keep delighting the viewer.

What are you reading or watching right now?
Watching: Ripley on Netflix 
Reading: Atomic Habits

If you could design a home for one famous person / couple, who would it be?
British gardener / tv personality Monty Don. I'm very inspired by Monty's gardens and would be honored to design a home to accompany them. My aesthetic is definitely inspired by British influences and I feel my designs would complement Monty's gardens nicely. I love to pull elements from nature into my designs and use a lot of natural materials and soothing color palettes.

More about Alex Yeske:
Alex Yeske Interiors is a luxury residential interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California with projects throughout the country. Their interiors are curated and thoughtful, while always remaining comfortable and functional—all of their spaces are meant to be lived in with ease. They create warm and timeless interiors through their elevated mix of both refined pieces and quality antiques. They create spaces that are centered around our clients, resulting in a unique interior that feels like an embodiment of their values and lifestyles.

Alex grew up in New Jersey and mixes her East Coast style with West Coast influences.

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